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Our Piano Storage Advantage


Cotton lined blankets are carefully placed on all exposed finish areas. This prevents air born contaminates from prematurely aging the lacquer or polyester coating. The lid and fall board are closed. Protective material is placed between the music desk and front lid. The legs, pedal lyre and bench are all separately wrapped.

Sealed for Protection

We seal all of our pianos in commercial grade stretch film. Without this added protection a piano is exposed to air borne contaminants found in all environments. We know of no other storage facility that takes the time or bears the expense of this ultimate form of protection.

Carpeted Piano Beds

All of our pianos are placed on specifically designed piano beds for safe keeping. The legs, pedal and bench are wrapped separately for safe keeping.

Safe and Secure

Our piano storage sanctuary is lit and secure 24/7. Your instrument is safely kept in the same building and environment we keep our pianos in. Your piano receives the same high level of care as ours.

Additional Services

Improve your piano while it's at our storage facility. Many services available.

Repairs and Restoration

Bring your piano back to life. Rejuvenate your older piano with a variety of piano restoration options, from cosmetic detailing to full restoration.

Player Technology Installation

Your piano, amazing possibilities! Your piano can play itself, record your performance, even let you practice silently with headphones.

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